'The Crown': Watch Olivia Colman's Transformation Into Queen Elizabeth II in Time Lapse Video

Season 3 of The Crown recently debuted on Netflix, and now fans can watch a time lapse video of actress Olivia Colman's transformation into Queen Elizabeth II. In the clip shared to Twitter, Colman is seen going from her natural look, into an uncanny resemblance of the Queen. In the clip, Colman shares how the queen has a "different outfit" for almost every scene and that they're all "handmade and all beautiful."

"There were a couple days of camera tests, but they were doing their thing and trying to figure out what colours look right under the lights and things, and then you realise you're in really good hands, these people know what they are doing," she said.

Additionally, hair and make-up designer Cate Hall, who worked on Colman's look, said of the actress, "For Olivia it feels like the most valuable thing is to have a lovely time in hair and make-up and then inhabit the Queen once the process is over.'

Colman's The Crown co-star Helena Bonham Carter — who plays Queen Elizabeth's sister, Princess Margaret — called the transformation a "magical" experience, saying that it felt like "the Queen is in the room."

Peter Morgan, writer and creator of The Crown, also commented on Colman's evolution into The Queen, saying, "There's a relatability and a humility, and a bit like the Queen she doesn't overthink it, she just turns up and does it."

Colman took over the role of Queen Elizabeth from exiting Crown star Claire Foy, who previously spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her time on the show, saying that her final scene as Queen Elizabeth II was "surreal."

"It's very difficult to prepare yourself for that moment," she added. "Ultimately what you end up feeling is just sort of confused and that you need to go home and have a lie-down, really."

She also shared what she will miss most about being on the show, and it's not the costumes. "So much of this job was about the people making it, so that is what I will miss. I will miss the people," Foy said. "I will miss all of the creative people who will go on creating this program, I will miss the actors, and I will just feel forever grateful and privileged that I got to play this part and be a part of this show. I really will. I will always be incredibly grateful for it."


The Crown Season 3 is now available to stream on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Netflix