'The Conners' Spoiler: Major Character Is Pregnant

The Conners are expanding! The family is preparing for a pretty major life change, as Darlene (Sara Gilbert) reveals in a preview for the next episode of The Connerswhich will air on ABC on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET — that she's pregnant. While the child will be the first for Darlene and her boyfriend, Ben (Jay R. Ferguson), Darlene shares two older children, Harris and Mark, with her ex-husband David (Johnny Galecki).

In a clip posted to the official Instagram account for The Conners, Darlene tells her boyfriend about the exciting news. Ben is clearly pumped up about becoming a father, as he exclaims, "Who's the mom? You're the mom!" Elsewhere in the clip, Darlene and Becky (Lecy Goranson) bond over the fact that they can raise their babies together (Becky previously gave birth to a baby girl named Beverly in Season 1 of The Conners). Darlene even remarked, "We can go to Mommy and Me [classes] and we don't have to talk to any of the other mothers at all." To see exactly how Darlene's pregnancy news will play out, fans can tune in to The Conners on Wednesday night.

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This season of The Conners has seen the family deal with the COVID-19 pandemic like many real-life families around the world right now. Not only have they been navigating this new normal, but Darlene and Becky also made a major career change, as they both secured jobs at Wellman Plastics, the same location that their late mother Roseanne and their aunt Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) worked at during the original Roseanne series. Of course, the fact that Darlene and Becky are working at the same place that their family members did during the original Roseanne provided for a lovely full-circle moment for the fans and the cast alike. During an interview with Newsweek, Gilbert opened up about how the characters are following in their mother and aunt's footsteps.

"I love having things from the original show pop back in. I think viewers probably love it, and maybe I'm just kind of nostalgic, but I also love it," the actor explained. "Darlene is a character that everybody thought was gonna get ahead and break the poverty cycle, and she was smart and ambitious and driven. In spite of that, she's not, she hasn't been able to do it, and she's kind of back at square one this season. I feel like that's the truth for so many Americans who are smart and driven and do everything they can and can only get to a certain place in their dreams. So, that's relatable to everybody, no matter how successful someone might get, there are certain dreams we never achieve. I like what it's saying about this country socioeconomically."

The Conners airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. This week's episode will see Darlene reveal the exciting news.