'The Conners' Brings the Two Beckys Back Together

The Conners reunited Roseanne's two Beckys, Lecy Goranson and Sarah Chalke, during Tuesday's new episode.

During the new installment, titled "One Flew Over the Conners' Nest," Becky (Goranson) gets a special visit from Andrea (Chalke) at Casa Bonita, the first time they saw each other since the surrogacy mishap.

Becky appears to be enjoying using Mark (Ames McNamara) do her work at the restaurant as she stresses over whether she has enough money to raise her baby.

"I'm completely financially unprepared to have a baby," Becky says as she and Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) discuss how not drinking has saved her some money. As Jackie and Mark are heading out Andrea shows up with her baby.

Andrea says she decided to come into the restaurant after seeing Becky's Instagram post about the drink of the month.

"Come on, you didn't come all the way here just for a drink," Becky says.

"Truth? I came to talk to you... when we were going through the surrogacy together I felt like I could talk to you and you wouldn't judge me," Andrea admits.

Andrea tells Becky she is struggling with having a baby and that the responsibility can be a lot.

"I have no idea how poor people do it," Andrea says, before telling Becky how lucky she is that she can't have one.

Becky then tells her that she is expecting her first child, and Andrea awkwardly congratulates her.

Later, Becky gets an offer from one of the restaurant's frequent customers to do an open adoption of her baby that she seriously considers after the conversation with Andrea.

The Conners and Roseanne fans were first introduced to Andrea during the now infamous Roseanne revival as a rich, suburban woman that hoped to hire Becky to be the surrogate of her child.

The new character interacted with the family in a hilarious scene where she hoped to learn more about the Conner family history, leading to hilarious responses from Roseanne Conner (Barr) and Jackie (Laurie Metcalf).

The storyline reached a heartbreaking conclusion later in the reboot season when Becky's doctor told her she was not a viable surrogacy option given that she only had a five percent chance of getting pregnant. The sad news led to Andrea saying goodbye to the Conner family, and she was not seen again on the franchise until Tuesday's episode.

Becky beat the odds in last Tuesday's episode, when she announced that a one-night stand with a Casa Bonita busboy had led to her becoming pregnant. Though she seemed to be excited by the news and the possibility of finally raising her own child, the series seemed to hint at the possibility of her giving the child for adoption.


During "Miracles," Becky seemed to be freaking out about being pregnant on her own and a lesbian couple who frequent the restaurant discussed the possibility of maybe adopting Becky's child.

What did you think of Andrea's motherhood advice for Becky? The Conners airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.