'The Blacklist': Major Character Suffers Near-Fatal Injuries in Episode 2

The Blacklist almost lost a key character in its latest episode, after Katarina Rostova's plans took a violent turn! The NBC FBI thriller returned for a new episode, following the direct aftermath of Katarina (Laila Robbins) capturing Red (James Spader) once again to extract his secrets. The episode's many twists and turns lead to a violent confrontation, leaving a major character in critical condition.

Spoilers ahead for The Blacklist Season 7, Episode 2: "Louis T. Steinhil (#27): Conclusion"

Friday's episode kicked off an hour-long game of deception with Katarina trying to persuade Red to give up the names of the people who are trying to kill her. As the interrogation takes place, Katarina forces the fake nurse, who later reveals her name is Frankie (Natalie Porter), to drain his blood slowly in an attempt to force him to talk.

At the FBI, Liz (Megan Boone) and the team continue to pursue leads about The Illusionist's (David Meunier) whereabouts after finding out he is involved in Red's capture, and the mission to gather information on Katarina.

When Red refuses to cooperate, Katarina says she has no choice but to come after her father, Dominic Wilkinson (Brian Dennehy) who she reveals to hate after events that happened in their past. Later, Frankie seems to take pity on Red quietly lets him off his restraints. She then helps him escape Katarina's lair in a car, and kills a security guard who catches them as they drive away.

The pair drive over to Dom's estate and find Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) is also there. Red insists they have to run to keep Dom safe after Katarina promise to find him, but he refuses. Frankie asks why they hate each other so much and Dom keeps it vague, saying she did things that betrayed their family in the past.

Before they can think of what to do, Frankie reveals that she regrets what she did, but her letting Red go was all part of a plan to lead Katarina to Dom's location. They have less than half an hour before she and her men arrive to take Dom and kill the rest. She says she will help them but they have to do something now.

At the same time, the FBI arrives at the Illusionist's lair and find him "dead". The coroner's take his body as Liz realizes the bad guys are headed to Dom.

Katarina arrives at Dom's home and her men fall into a shootout with Red and the others. They seem to be winning the offensive until one of her men shoots Dom and he is seriously injured. They decide to retreat in a hidden threshold in Dom's office. Katarina enters and offers to help Dom, but Red knows if they go out they will kill all the others and take him.

Katarina gets a tip that the FBI is about to get there and leaves, just as Liz arrives. Frankie, who reveals herself to be a former ray medic, then goes with the crew to a warehouse and performs surgery on Dom. She saves his life, but Red later reveals he lost oxygen to his brain so he may never wake up, and even if he does, he will probably never be the same.


Red blames Liz for the events that unfolded in the first two episodes, because her questions about Katarina were there ones that triggered the threats against her life. However, he refuses to tell her that her mother is alive. That decision will come back to bite him eventually, however, as the episode ended with Liz meeting her new "neighbor," Katarina herself impersonating someone else to get close to her.

Will Dom recover? The Blacklist airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.