'Tell Me A Story' Star Odette Annable Would Return for a 'House' Reboot (Exclusive)

Odette Annable would not hesitate to jump on a reboot of iconic medical drama, House. The hit drama series ran for eight seasons on Fox with Hugh Laurie in the lead role. It wrapped up its run back in 2012, and frequently gets mentioned as a show fans would love to see return in the era of the television reboot.

Annable, who joined the cast as a series regular in Season 8 playing Dr. Jessica Adams, told PopCulture.com she would jump at the chance to return to the House universe, should the writers and producers of the original series be up to revive the show.

"I just feel like it was so brilliantly done the first time and I don't know how they would top something like that," the actress said during a visit to the set of Season 2 of CBS All Access original series Tell Me a Story in Nashville, Tennessee.

"It's like, years down the road you want to reboot Breaking Bad, why even touch it" She added. "And Hugh Laurie was just so brilliant but hell, if they're going to do it, sign me up."

While no official talks have been revealed of a possible reboot, Annable said they just have to tell her "When and where, and I'm there."

Laurie led the cast of the critically-acclaimed drama series, which also featured Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacobson and Charlyne Yi. The cast also included Jennifer Morrison, Olivia Wilde, Kat Penn and Amber Tamblyn through the years.

Annable has been busy filming Season 2 of CBS All Access' psychological thriller anthology series in Nashville. The new story is inspired on classic princess fairytales Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast, connected to the lives of the Pruitt family.

"I think it just brings a real humanity to it," Annable said of the family drama connecting the modern-day fairytales together. "You really just start to see what family means to specific people and how you deal with circumstances, and how it could either bring you together or rip you apart.


"I think they did such a beautiful job this year of really interweaving all of the storylines," she added. "I just think that seeing that raw side of humans, and what it means to keep something together, and people's perspectives is always so interesting cause it's so different and unique for each individual."

Tell Me A Story premieres Thursday, Dec. 5 on CBS All Access.