Tamron Hall Slams Reports That She 'Blew Gasket' Over Kelly Clarkson Talk Show Renewal

Tamron Hall is setting the record straight on the drama with Kelly Clarkson. The former TODAY Show anchor sparked controversy after a report surfaced she was enraged that The Kelly Clarkson Show was renewed for a second season before her own talk show, The Tamron Hall Show. The Kelly Clarkson Show has been a surprise hit for NBC, though Hall's show has not maintained the high viewership it had when it first launched.

Hall took to Instagram Friday to set the record straight on a Daily Mail story that claimed she had been heard screaming at her staff over the lack of renewal news.

"Welp it was bound to happen the ole difficult and angry is lame," she began the lengthy post, which also included a screenshot of the outlet's headline reading: "'Do a better job!' ABC's Tamron Hall 'blew a gasket' backstage after Kelly Clarkson's talk show was renewed before hers, as ratings slip and producers complain she's too controlling."

"So here is my statement," Hall wrote. "'It's ironic that a few days after I said on my show that I've seen 'men storm out of rooms, puffing and huffing, and no one says anything' while 'women [who] speak up [are viewed] as difficult' that someone would leak a false story about me being difficult.

"As I said live on my show while defending Gabrielle Union, women are perceived as 'difficult' when they speak up," she added. "I have never once complained about Kelly's renewal - I am so happy for my fellow Texan. I'm excited about my show and I can't wait for season 2!!'"

Hall's post caught the attention of fans and celebrities alike, coming her way with words of support amid the rumors.

"You gotta be strong in this game, what they thought," Twisty wrote in the comments sections.

"Like you said, no surprise. Very common in business," another fan wrote.

"That's daily mail for you. [Shake my head]," another user commented.


The Tamron Hall Show kicked off with a 1.4 18-49 rating when it debuted on the same day as Clarkson. However, Hall saw its ratings drop to a 1.0, where it has been for eight weeks. Clarkson has maintained a 1.5 average for the season.

William Burton, the SVP of Syndication, Daytime and Sports at Disney Television, told The Daily Mail in their report they believe Hall had an "extremely successful launch" and the executives are "all very pleased with the direction and performance of the show."