'This Is Us' Edits Super Bowl LII Into New Episode

The Sunday night episode of This Is Us featured footage from Super Bowl LII, less than two hours after the game ended. The impressive editing left fans on Twitter surprised.

sb this is us
(Photo: NBC)

The footage from the second quarter of Super Bowl LII was inserted behind Toby and Kate. It clearly showed the score as 15-6 in the second quarter, making it obvious that it was not from a previous Eagles-Patriots game.

The episode of This Is Us was set on the day of the Super Bowl. Earlier, we saw that Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) died on the day of the 1998 Super Bowl after the Pearson house caught fire.

Jack initially survived the fire, but he died at the hospital, where he suffered a heart attack.

The episode also included a shocking flash-forward, where we saw Randall's daughter Tessa become a foster care worker, helping a couple become foster parents for a young boy.

The next new episode of This Is Us airs on NBC Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.

This episode will feature Jack's funeral. It could also show Kevin's reaction to learning how Jack died, since that was not shown Sunday. Kevin was at Sophie's house when the Pearson family home caught on fire.

Super Bowl LII ended with the Philadelphia Eagles beating the New England Patriots 41-33. It is the franchise's first Super Bowl win.

Many of the fans watching tonight praised the This Is Us crew for the surprising edit.

Photo credit: NBC