'Station 19' Star Danielle Savre Teases 'Really Dark' Episodes Ahead

Station 19 is stepping up the drama in future episodes, and not even the actors were ready for what is coming.

The ABC firefighter drama is known for its tense-filled action sequences, light-hearted humor and intense relationship drama, but star Danielle Savre, who plays Maya Bishop on the show, told PopCulture.com exclusively fans should brace themselves for what is coming.

"We as actors really had to team up and be there for each other because there was a lot of days when we basically did two episodes back to back where it was very dark," Savre told PopCulture.com in a phone interview Thursday, April 4.

"It's not just gonna be fire and intensity and fun, it's gonna be a lot of dark stuff coming up for at least two episodes... It affected us on the show so I think it's gonna affect the audience," she added.

The squad will be dealing with some darkness in the literal sense in next week's episode, appropriately titled "The Dark Night," when a blackout in Seattle brings dangerous situations across the city, including helping to find a missing girl and trying to save a man on life support.

Drama will also likely ensue on the series when it comes to the growing relationship between Maya and Jack Gibson (Grey Damon), her best friend Andy Herrera's (Jaina Lee Ortiz) almost fiancé.

"I remember when this storyline first got pitched, I loved it because... I knew there was something that was gonna happen from it. But it was also so conflicting, and this is one of the ones that I was like, why is Maya doing this?" Savre said. "Maya and Jack have always had this very competitive banter which can easily turn into flirtation. Which then when he became sick with the PTSD from the skyscraper fire, she really felt there was a connection there and a bond there... I think there's this element where she started to care for Jack and it led one thing to another."

While she wouldn't go into specifics, Savre said she is just as anxious as fans to find out what will happen next.

"I'm really excited to see where this relationship goes and where her relationship with Andy goes," Savre said.

Aside from the dark moments and relationship drama, Station 19 fans can look forward to one more crossover event with flagship series, Grey's Anatomy. And While Ortiz previously told press we can expect a "juicy" episode, Savre remained tight-lipped on the crossover but confirmed it is coming soon.


"I'm going to say yes, it is happening. And that's it," Savre said.

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.