'Sons of Anarchy': Watch Every Time Charlie Hunnam's Jax Shed His Shirt

Sons of Anarchy fans know that Jax Teller being shirtless was a staple of the series, and now Netflix has put together a compilation of all the times it happened.

The clip shared on Twitter boasts "a total of 30 beautiful moments" and runs one minute and 25 seconds long.

Many fans have replied to the post, with several joking that it's time for them to "rewatch" the series again.

Jax was played by English actor Charlie Hunnam for all seven seasons of the biker-gang drama on FX.

Following the shows end, Hunnam went on to full-fledged movie-stardom, appearing in films like Crimson Peak, The Lost City of Z, and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

His most recent film, the biographical drama Papillon, based on the life of Henri "Papillon" Charrière (Hunnam), who was wrongly convicted of murder and imprisoned on a penal colony island in 1933. He later escaped in 1941 with the help of counterfeiter Louis Dega (played by Rami Malek), a fellow inmate.

Hunnam spoke about the film during an August interview with Uproxx, saying that the film's director — Michael Noer — was what initially drew his attention to the project.

"For me, as I've gone through my career, it's now become all about the director. I mean, exclusively, 100% about the director," he explained. "You know, it's such a director's medium, and a great story or a great character is really irrelevant if you don't have an amazing director at the center of it."

"I'm such a huge fan of Michael Noer's work, I saw R, his first film, which is also a prison film, in the cinema when it came out, and I bought it on DVD and showed it to a couple of my friends," Hunnam added. "And I was absolutely blown away by his follow-up film, Northwest, so I already came into this with an existing hope to work with him at some point."

"But I had to hear what the vision was, because I have no issue with retelling a story that's already been told — because that's just what we do, time and time again, so the nature of storytelling is to retell the same the ten archetypal stories or whatever —but I was curious to understand what his vision was," he went on to say.


"So, we met in New York, and we were supposed to have a 2-hour meeting together, and then we realized we'd been walking the streets for 8 hours and he was about to miss his flight, so we rushed back to his hotel so he could pick up his bag and had a very quick farewell and just said, f— it, let's do this movie together," Hunnam concluded.

Every season of Sons of Anarchy is available to stream right now on Netflix.