'Sons of Anarchy' Fans Disappointed After 'First 9' Prequel Shelved Indefinitely

With Kurt Sutter's removal from FX after a broken relationship between him and FX/Disney, his work on the Sons of Anarchy spin-off, Mayans M.C., will also come to an end as he will no longer be working on the series. His exit also dampens any expectations of another Sons of Anarchy spin-off coming. Sutter had previously pegged First 9 as a prequel he was planning to run with. The project seems to be all but over now that he is gone.

Speaking with Deadline about his situation, Sutter said First 9 remains up in the air since it's out of his hands now.

"As of now, the possibility of doing that doesn't look that hopeful. It's their property. They're not going to let me take it somewhere else," Sutter said, when asked about First 9. "Right now, that relationship is in flux. With time and a shift in attitude, will we be able to do it? I don't know. Hopefully. Maybe."

As a result, fans of the motorcycle drama aren't too happy with the discovery. Mayans M.C. has been successful in continuing the story and taking it a new direction, which had fans even more excited to see what another adaptation would do for the vast world.

"How does a company own something someone else wrote 100 percent? That makes no sense. Sutter screwed himself over in a contract, if that's the case," one user questioned on Facebook.

Another user wrote, "Would of loved to have seen the First 9 come to screen."

In that extensive interview, Sutter did go into what his vision was for the series. He foresaw the prequel being something of a mini-series, along the lines of a 9-10 episode season. He even felt that doing something such as four two-hour episodes would have sufficed not only for the fans, but for him.

"The way I write, the episodes are way longer than they are supposed to be anyway," he said. "So that to me would have been ideal."


As a result of Sutter being removed from the network, Mayans M.C. will have co-creator Elgin James steering the ship. The series' fate also remains in jeopardy with no renewal announced as of yet.

Sons of Anarchy ran for seven seasons between 2008 to 2014. The show starred Charlie Hunnam as Jackson "Jax" Teller and followed the everyday lives of the SAMCRO crew as they navigated the streets of Charming and across California.