'Sons of Anarchy' Alum Emilio Rivera Posts Moving Happy Father's Day in Instagram Throwback Snap

Sons of Anarchy mainstay and Mayans MC cast member Emilio Rivera took to his Instagram account on [...]

Sons of Anarchy mainstay and Mayans MC cast member Emilio Rivera took to his Instagram account on Sunday and celebrated Father's Day with a throwback photo of his father, Emilio Rivera Sr.

"Happy Fathers Day in heaven to both my Dad the original #emiliorivera and my Carnal #BigBeBe RIP," Rivera wrote. "Always on my mind. Today we celebrate You. Happy Fathers Day to You all my Friends and Ladies who are Mom and Dad."

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(Photo: Instagram/@emiliorivera48)

Alvarez played Marcus Alvarez across the seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy (2008-14) as Marcus Alvarez, president of the Mayans Mortorcycle Club based out of Oakland California.

Both he and his club were initially enemies of Clay Morrow, Jax Teller and the members of SAMCRO for the first two seasons, but the clubs end up as allies and business partners as the show progressed. He proved as much in Season 7 when Juice offered him a deal on inside information on the club in exchange for safe passage to Mexicom only for him to turn Juice over to Teller.

Just before Teller's intentional suicide death in the final episode of the series, he set up the Mayans with Irish gun runner Connor Malone, giving the club access to a profitable gun business.

Mayans MC, which takes place roughly three years after Teller's death, sees Rivera continue to serve as the club's president operating on the border of California and Mexico. The new point-of-view character will be EZ Reyes (JD Pardo), the club's newest prospect.

Series creator Kurt Sutter gave some insight on the story of Mayans MC while at the ATX Television Festival on Friday, confirming that the fallout from Teller's death will be addressed.

"It's a post-Jax Teller world," Teller said. "We talk a little about the ramifications of that final day with Jax that changed the fabric of northern California, and trickled down south."

He also confirmed that the present day politics of the US-Mexico border will be a part of the story.

"It's not a political show, I do not write political shows, I should not write political shows, but, the same way Sons was a fictitious club and family in a real world, the real world always impacted that show," Sutter said. "So, this is not a show that will deal head-on those issues, but this is a show that takes place on the border, and it's a politically-charged, and emotionally-charged, part of the world, [and] that stuff will have to bleed into the storytelling, or it won't be authentic."

Mayans MC is set to premiere in Fall 2018 on FX.