'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Kurt Sutter Reveals What Happened to Gemma's Mom

Kurt Sutter has found what works on social media amid the coronavirus pandemic and has run with it as Sons of Anarchy fans have enjoyed new insight into his hit FX series as a result of open forum discussions on Twitter. Sutter has conducted multiple Q&A segments, and in his latest, shared a little tidbit about Gemma Teller's mother.

A user asked him whatever happened to her. In the show, not much was ever revealed about Rose Madock, besides a brief mention in the third season as she is shown to have died from a heart disorder. In answering the question, Sutter responded in a way only he could. "B— went away," he began. "And if no one asks questions, no one gets hurt." One fan replied to his answer and explained that perhaps she didn't die of natural causes, with the tweet reading, "I'm pretty sure she was killed by Gemma, and that's why she got killed by Jax, they repeated history unconsciously."

Also, in his Q&A session, Sutter offered a look at what he originally intended for Jax Teller's fate. Another fan wondered whether or not Jax's father, John Teller, actually died by suicide or murder, a storyline that was often discussed in the series. The Teller's have been a frequent topic of conversation during Sutter's ongoing, especially when it comes to the relationship between Jax and Gemma.


Throughout all seven seasons, Jax viewed his mother in the highest of light, though doubting her intentions at various points. In an earlier response to a fan, Sutter shared that the reason it took so long for the main character to finally turn on his mother was straightforward, "she was his f—ing mom." He added that it came down to trust, which Jax placed a lot of in Gemma, and also why when Jax found about the betrayal — when Gemma killed Tara — that he only had one option left. As fans of the series know, the series finale saw Jax make the full 180-degree turn on his mother in the rose garden. Another fan in an earlier Q&A wondered if Jax was aware that Gemma was in on the murder of her husband and Jax's father. Sutter said that Jax always was in-tune when it came to knowing that Gemma had power over Clay Morrow, who also had a hand in the plan, but that Jax also was aware that his father put himself in specific dangerous scenarios, as well.