‘SNL’: Will Ferrell Can’t Contain His Excitement With Ryan Reynolds, Tracy Morgan in Monologue

Saturday Night Live got what seemed to be a surprise visit from an A-lister during Will Ferrell's opening monologue. The former SNL cast member returned on Nov. 23, along with musical guest King Princess for the fifth time. The comedian and actor spoke being happy to return before spotting Ryan Reynolds in the audience and being genuinely surprised by him being there.

The actor began his monologue expressing his gratitude to have been brought back to the New York City-set show.

"It is great to be back here in Studio 8H. I was a cast member every year. I cherished every moment..." he began before he was distracted by spotting Ryan Reynolds in the audience.

"I get that a lot," Reynolds said, before confirming it is in fact him. He added he is a big fan of the comedian. The whole thing seemed to overwhelm Ferrell.

"I didn't know you were going to be here," he said, before trying to find his footing back into the monologue. However, he just continued to struggle for a little longer, as he continued to ask him if he was really there.

"We're really big fans," Reynolds said, referencing his wife Blake Lively, who he said was watching from home.

"And she likes me too?" Ferrell asked. "Probably more than me," Reynolds responded, inspiring Ferrell to start giggling.

"That's not to too shabby," Ferrell said in a funny accent as he continued to try to pull himself together. He then stopped talking altogether and kept his gaze on Reynolds.

"Will. You gotta stop looking at me O.K.? it's a little too much," Reynolds joked.

Ferrell then apologized and said that his monologue was a mess, and proceeded to start doing his best impression of Tracy Morgan. He admitted he does the voice every time he is nervous. When Reynolds complained about all attention being on him, the real Morgan showed up to deliver a nonsensical comment about a prophecy.


He threatened Ferrell with hurting him if he ever tried to do an impression of him again, and then they said goodbye singing Backstreet Boys.

What did you think of the unusual monologue? Saturday Night Live airs weekly at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC. The next episode will air Dec. 7 and will feature host Jennifer Lopez and musical guest DaBaby.