'SNL' Viewers Convinced Halsey Was Lip-Syncing

Halsey made her Saturday Night Live hosting debut over the weekend, but some viewers are convinced that she was lip-syncing during one of her musical performances.

During the episode, the singer performed two tracks. One was her hit single "Without Me," and the other was a track she record with music producer Benny Blanco and R&B crooner Khalid.

While many of her fans have cheered Halsey on for her powerful performances, some have been questioning if, and why, she lip-synced.

"It's called Saturday Night LIVE. Why did Halsey lip sync? I don't get it. Should not be allowed," one person tweeted.

"Halsey didn't pull that New Year's-show lip sync off very well. You can't move the mic away from your face like that and expect people to not notice it," someone else commented.

While a number of people have taken issue with the idea that Halsey may have lip-synced, her fans have come out to defend her and defiantly assert that she did not.

"my guy, halsey doesn't lip sync lmaooooo not only is that outdated, but she knows she would chewed up by everyone if she did. she gets hate for breathing sooooo. you can stay pressed at her talent, promise you it doesn't bother her," one fan said in response to others criticizing the singer.

For her part, Halsey has commented on the epic performance, seemingly confirming that she was not lip-syncing.


"Painting a 10 ft canvas upsidedown while singing into a headset mic for the 1st time while hosting SNL, takes the cake for biggest 'dumb a— s— I took onto my plate for no mf reason (bc I thought it was cool) that actually worked out considerably well.' -type moment of my life," she wrote in a tweet.

SNL's next host and musical guest will be actor Don Cheadle and singer/songwriter Gary Clark Jr., respectively. That episode airs Saturday, Feb. 16.