'SNL' Gets Risque in Skit With Halsey and Kenan Thompson

Saturday Night Live took a racy turn this weekend with a skit featuring Kenan Thompson as an adult entertainment performer.

This week's SNL featured some breakout skits with host and musical guest Halsey, including this one, humbly titled "Maurice." In it, Thompson played a mild-mannered father figure with a shocking revelation for his family: ever since getting laid off, he has been working as an online "cam model," live-streaming odd sex acts for paying subscribers.

The skit had a few hilarious twists and turns as it went on. Leslie Jones played Thompson's wife, who started out horrified by his news, until he told her how much money he was making. After doing the math on her phone, Jones pulled a complete 180 on her husband's career choice, telling her kids (Chris Redd and Ego Nwodim) to be more supportive of their father.

Meanwhile, Halsey seemed to be playing Thompson and Jones' daughter-in-law, and she, too, came around remarkably quick on the idea. She laughed when Maurice said, casually, that he was working on a site called "Cam Fans Only."

"Cam Fans Only is for thirsty gays who spread their butt cheeks online for ten bucks a month," she laughed.

"Yeah, that's the one," Thompson replied, before changing the subject to a joke about the garlic bread.

Before long, Halsey was jokingly trying to guess Maurice's username — throwing out some dirty suggestions — and encouraging him to invest more in his own endeavor.

"You know what, I was quick to judge, Mr. Henderson, but you're glowing," she noted.

By the end, only Redd and Nwodim were still upset about their father's career choice. Nwodim warned that she had "friends that were models, then got on that website and ended being escorts." Unfazed, Jones eagerly asked if they made more money that way.

Halsey even got the final joke of the skit, revealing that Maurice was on the website's homepage as the "featured performer." She offered to get the cake to celebrate, asking: "What flavor do you want to sit on?"


Fans loved the skit, in spite of a slight production flub in the live broadcast. Many praised it online as a smart and well-executed scene, and some were already quoting their favorite lines early on Sunday morning. These included: "I don't shake, I present," and "Are we forgetting that there's a cake involved? That's not nasty, that's beautiful."

SNL will be back next week with another new episode, hosted by Don Cheadle and featuring musical guest Gary Clark Jr. The show airs every weekend at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.