'SNL' Makes Glaring Error During 'Weekend Update'

Saturday Night Live's first Weekend Update segment of 2021 went on with a small hitch. During the segment, Colin Jost discussed a number of major events that happened while the NBC show was on hiatus. He then went on to discuss one of the biggest topics from this past week — the GameStop stock-related drama. However, when he started to talk about the matter, a different graphic appeared onscreen, one that featured a poster for the HBO Max series Venemo.

Jost went through many of the big events that have happened over the course of SNL's hiatus. Those events included Christmas, President Joe Biden's inauguration, and the unrest at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 that was caused by a mob of former President Donald Trump's supporters. He went on to say, "Of course, it's been a big week for my favorite store, the Staten Island mall GameStop." While there was likely meant to be a graphic depicting a GameStop store, the show accidentally posted an image from HBO Max's Venemo, a show that premiered on the streaming platform in November and told the story of transgender singer and television personality Cristina Ortiz Rodriguez, better known as La Veneno. It wasn't before long that the graphic quickly changed, but it was still up there long enough for viewers to take note of the minor error.

Jost continued to say, as the graphic quickly changed to depict a graph of GameStop's rising stock, "A group of guys on Reddit figured out a way to get rich off GameStop while bankrupting a bunch of hedge funds. And if you don't understand how that works, it's a lot like — and I've been waiting so long to reference this — the 2013 magic-themed heist movie Now You See Me. It's about four outsider magicians who use the power of illusion to rob banks. And, tonight, if we could all rally together to make Now You See Me the number one movie on Hulu, that would be as unlikely as GameStop being the number one stock in America."


Elsewhere in the episode, John Krasinski, the host, fielded a number of questions about The Office. While he simply wanted to discuss the fact that he was hosting SNL, some fans couldn't help but question "Jim" (his character's name from The Office) about why he wouldn't kiss Pam. Pete Davidson then stepped onto the scene in order to explain to Krasinski that many individuals have been watching The Office during quarantine and that they see Jim and Pam as "real." In order to give the fans what they wanted, Jim ultimately planted a kiss on "Pam," whom Davidson filled in for.