'SNL' Host Jason Momoa and Musical Guest Mumford & Sons Unite in Roaring Preview

Saturday Night Live's latest host Jason Momoa is the king of chemistry with his co-stars.

The Aquaman star led a collection of promos for his debut on the long-running variety sketch series featuring musical guest band, Mumford & Sons and beloved cast member, Leslie Jones.

In the first promo, Momoa showed his chemistry with both the band and Jones as she called herself Momoa's mama.

"Aloha, I'm Jason Momoa and I'm hosting Saturday Night Live this week with musical guest, Mumford & Sons," he said as he moved his right arm toward Marcus Mumford in a sort-of back, side hug. Mumford responded by placing his head on Momoa's back slowly, in a sweet moment interrupted by Jones' hilarious joke.

"The three Ms, Momoa, Mumford and Mama," Jones said.

"Oh, You are a mom?" Mom asked. "To you I am baby," Jones said as the two appeared to get closer and closer, making the Sons slightly uncomfortable.

In the second promo, Momoa introduced himself and the man before Jones interjected with her own story about how she was once on the beloved band.

"You know I actually used to be on Mumford & Sons," Jones said.

"Yeah, she left the band because of... creative differences," Mumford said.

Jones responded, with a serious face: "Yeah, I punched them in the throat one time... anyway it's good to see y'all."

In the third promo, Jones and Momoa could not contain their excitement, so they started showing off their best roar!

"Ooh, this show got me so excited I just got to AAHH," Jones said.

"Let's do this!" Momoa said before he joined in on the screaming and ran back and offscreen while he kept the scream going.

While not as enthusiastic as Momoa and Jones, the Mumford & Sons band members also let out their best roars in the hilarious clip.


This will be the first time Momoa hosts Saturday Night Live in anticipation for the release of his new movie Aquaman. Mumford & Sons recently kickstarted a U.S. tour to promote their new album Delta, released on Nov. 16, 2018. The album has appearances by Maggie Rogers, who served as musical guest on an earlier episode of the show this season.

Saturday Night Live airs weekly at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC. The series will go on its winter break following Dec. 15's episode featuring Matt Damon as host and Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus as musical guests.