'SNL At Home': Watch 'The Waterboy' Surprise Moment in Pete Davidson and Adam Sandler's Quarantine Song

Saturday Night Live returned for another all-new, remotely-produced episode this week. Naturally, many of the sketches involved some kind of ties to the world's new normal amidst the coronavirus crisis. In the latest episode of SNL, Pete Davidson showcased the epitome of quarantine life in the "Stuck in the House" skit. And his music video, filmed, of course, at home, even featured special cameos from Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider.

Davidson's "Stuck in the House" featured the SNL star rapping all about how he's over being stuck inside amidst this global health pandemic, a feeling that many can relate to. But, the best part about the video may have been the fact that Sandler got in on the "Stuck in the House" fun, too. The Happy Gilmore star sang about trying (and failing) to make bread, petting his dog with a baseball glove, and having make-out sessions with his wife. At one point, he even sang about how much he misses his good friend Schneider. Right on cue, the video showcased Schneider knocking on the door of Sandler's house and telling him, "You can do it," a classic line from The Waterboy. Unfortunately, since the world is in the midst of a pandemic, Sandler could not, in fact, "do it" (letting Schneider into his house), causing Schneider to be left lingering outside of his friend's home.

Sandler and Schneider have been friends for years now and have collaborated on multiple projects throughout their lengthy careers, making their recent appearance on SNL that much more of a treat for fans. In June 2018, Schneider spoke with Us Weekly about being able to work with his good friend. At the time, he also acknowledged The Waterboy's popularity and, in particular, the line that he helped make famous.


"I think he would have drowned by now trying to catch catfish. Because he's one of those guys who would be hunting for catfish with his bare hands," Schneider shared about what his character in The Waterboy, Townie, might be up to today. "Adam knew I was going to get tortured with that character for many years. And I didn't know at the time but he called me two weeks before the movie came out. 'In two weeks The Waterboy is going to come out and you're not going to be able to go anywhere without hearing, 'You can do it!' Then I got a cold chill and I was like, 'Maybe he's right.' And that lasted for about 15 years."