'SNL' Female Cast Members Sing 'Welcome to Hell' Sexual Harassment Song

During tonight's Saturday Night Live, Saoirse Ronan joined the female cast members for "Welcome to Hell," a song for everyone who's tired of the never-ending list of sexual harassment scandals.

The pre-taped sketch was full of bright, candy colors, but had a serious message. While all your favorite stuff might be ruined by the horrible actions of powerful men, even more things have been ruined for women.

"Well, House of Cards is ruined, and that really sucks, but here's a list of stuff that's ruined for us," Ronan sings. The cast members list parking, walking, Uber rides, vans, bathrobes, drinking, hotels and more.

"This ain't a girl group, we just travel together for safety," Aidy Bryant sings.

Leslie Jones pops up to tell the other cast members, "As bad as it is for you, it's like a million times worse for women of color."

The music video instantly gained praise on Twitter, with some suggesting that it's the "anthem of 2017."

Another viewer called it her new "theme music."

Jones' appearance also got praise.


SNL airs every Saturday on NBC at 11:30 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: Rosalind O'Connor / NBC