'SNL': Bad Bunny Held WWE 24/7 Title During 'Te Deseo lo Mejor' Performance

Rapper Bad Bunny performed for a small, mask-wearing crowd on SNL while serving as the latest [...]

Rapper Bad Bunny performed for a small, mask-wearing crowd on SNL while serving as the latest episode's musical guest. He turned heads during one particular song due to a unique accessory in his possession. Bad Bunny held his 24/7 Championship belt while singing.

The Puerto Rican rapper-turned-WWE champion took to the stage on Saturday night to perform "Te Deseo lo Mejor." The camera panned to show him sitting on a set of stairs and holding a microphone. The WWE belt was draped across his leg. Bad Bunny kept it close throughout the performance and sparked several comments online.

"Oh my god is that the 24/7 championship belt haha," one SNL viewer commented. Several others weighed in and initially expressed surprise after seeing the belt appear on the long-running sketch comedy series. However, some Twitter users understood the decision, considering that Bad Bunny has to protect his championship belt at all times.

The rapper originally secured his championship belt during a wild episode of Raw. He started by doing a backstage interview with WWE star Damian Priest, but Akira Tozawa interrupted the conversation by pinning R-Truth and taking the 24/7 belt. The new champion did not have the opportunity to celebrate. Priest slammed him into some road cases. Bad Bunny then pinned Tozawa to claim his prize.

As WWE fans know, the 24/7 belt will only remain with Bad Bunny as long as he can prevent pin attempts. These attacks can come at any time, provided a WWE referee is present. Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski learned this the hard way after losing the belt in his own backyard.

R-Truth, the man who took the belt back from Gronkowski, has been the most prolific champion in WWE due to constantly losing and regaining the 24/7 title. For example, he actually had to fight off an NFL legend during a celebrity flag football match.

The stunning development in the wrestling world occurred during halftime of the Celebrity Sweat Flag Football game, headlined by Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie. Several prominent figures from the industry, including Titus O'Neil, The Miz, R-Truth, and Cesaro met with reporters to discuss the game and providing support for veterans and military members. Once they were done speaking, a WWE referee sidled up to R-Truth and greeted him. Flutie rushed in, tossed Truth into the sand, and pinned him to secure the title.

The former Boston College star did not have a long reign as champion. Flutie actually lost his belt later in the same flag football game. He lined up behind the center, waiting to take the snap from O'Neil. For some reason, Flutie had the belt draped over his shoulder. R-Truth came running up behind the 58-year-old quarterback and tossed him into the sand to retake the belt.