'SNL': Adam Sandler Sings Heartbreaking Chris Farley Tribute to Close Show

Adam Sandler closed Saturday Night Live this weekend with his heartfelt song about his friend and castmate Chris Farley.

Sandler hosted SNL this week for the first time since he left the show in 1995. At the time, he was part of an all-star cast, including the late Chris Farley. Farley passed away in 1997 shortly after he, Sandler and several others were fired from SNL. This weekend, Sandler shared his musical eulogy for Farley with the world.

Sandler first sang his tribute to Farley last year in his stand-up comedy special 100% Fresh on Netflix. It was the stand-out piece at the time, but Saturday's version was even more sentimental for fans given Sandler and Farley's connection to SNL. In addition, the live energy of the show lent some raw power to the song, and Sandler clearly felt it.

"He was a one-man party, you know who I'm talking about: I'm talking about my man, Chris Farley," Sandler sang. "On Saturday night, my man would always deliver / Whether he was the bumblebee girl or he was living in a van down by the river / He loved the Bears and Ditka, danced at Chippendale's with Swayze / When they replaced his Folgers, he went full-on crazy."

Later in the song, Sandler shared how Farley has continued impact his life more than 20 years after his death. He has even become a prominent figure for Sandler's children through his skits and movies.

"Hey buddy, life's moved on but you still bring us so much joy / Make my kids laugh with your YouTube clips and Tommy Boy / And when they ask me who is the funniest guy I ever knew / I tell them hands down, without a doubt, it's you," he sang.

The song also acknowledged Farley's outrageous partying antics, including his substance abuse. Sandler recalls warning Farley that he would go the way of other comedians like John Belushi or John Candy and said that Farley responded fearlessly that they were his "heroes."


Farley died in 1997 while at his apartment in Chicago. He had sought treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction and obesity on many occasions, and it is believed that he overdosed on a combination of cocaine and morphine. The comedian was discovered by his younger brother and buried in a private funeral the following week. In his song, Sandler remembered travelling to the Midwest for the funeral along with other comedians and friends.

Sandler's full performance from SNL is available on YouTube and Hulu. The show airs every weekend at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.