'Shoot The Messenger': Daisy Comes Clean About Her Addiction

With a game-changing reveal, Shoot The Messenger put shocking twists on the back burner to explore its main character's dark past.

Upon seeing footage of Ontario Attorney General Sam Charles (Ari Cohen) hooking up with murder victim Khaalid Suleman, everything changes for reporter Daisy Channing (Elyse Levesque).

Daisy and Simon (Lucas Bryant) apprise their editor Mary (Alex Kingston) of the latest development, she is hesitant to believe the allegations despite video proof. Mary says the video has to be corroborated before any money is exchanged.

Mary also insists the reporters find a second source for the story, but they can't go to the police for help, since Sam is in charge of the task force against police corruption.

The search leads Daisy to several photos of Khaalid with a man she doesn't recognize. As she and Simon examine the photos they have of their suspects, Daisy realizes that the video of Sam and Khaalid, and the NSFW photo of Judge Susan Reeves and the basketball player were taken in the same room, so Simon decides to look into where the photos were taken.

At the police station, Kevin (Lyric Bent) interviews Khaalid's brother and asks him about a man Khaalid knew named Harry. He says Harry wanted to take Khaalid away from his family because he was gay. Kevin believes Harry could be involved with Khaalid's murder.

Simon goes to Susan's husband to ask about the photo, and he reveals the sex party took place at the cottage of businessman Eric Lawson, the man who employed Hassan before the murder.

Later in the episode, Daisy's mother leaves her rattled after she calls to chat. Through a conversation with her sponsor, viewers find out Daisy's mother cheated on her dad and left to be with her new boyfriend. She tells her sponsor she is circling the drain, and he recommends he share her addiction story with someone close to her.

Daisy also talks to her sister Chloe (Hannah Anderson), trying to get information on Sam Charles' behavior in the office, as well as warning her about the man she's seeing. Chloe refuses to listen.

At Sam's office, the attorney general and his chief of staff Phil Hardcastle (Maurice Dean Went) discuss Hassan, who has left town and is on the run. Hardcastle promises Sam he will handle it.

Kevin investigates and finds out that Harry is the son of a British consul, so he has immunity. He goes to the consul's house but the man won't say where his son is. Outside the house, Daisy sks the consul's gardener about Harry, who reveals he went missing the day of Khaalid's murder and his father sent him to rehab after he was found. As Kevin walks out of the house he sees Daisy and realizes they're both chasing the same lead.

Daisy and Kevin head to the rehab facility together to question Harry, and Kevin tells Daisy that Harry had a gun on him the night of Khaalid's murder.

At the Gazette offices, Simon follows the money for Eric Lawson's prison project and finds out it connects him to Judge Reeves and her husband. The project could make them and the city millions of dollars, but the plan has been stalled, meaning Lawson could owe millions for the project, which is being stalled by Sam Charles.

As Kevin and Daisy arrive at the rehab facility that night, Daisy thinks it would be better to wait until the next day to confront Harry. Kevin presses her on her knowledge of rehab facilities and she finally admits her addiction problems. She confesses she started using drugs when she was 13, and that she got clean three years ago after being put in a rehab facility by her sister. Daisy also reveals she met Hassan Ali in the rehab program.


Kevin is supportive of his ex after the reveal and agrees to wait until morning to visit Harry. The episode ends with the reporter and the detective going into separate hotel rooms. But if the promo for the next episode is any indication, their romance is about to rekindle.

Shoot The Messenger airs Fridays at 12 a.m. ET/11 p.m. CT on WGN America.