'Shoot the Messenger': A Shocking Reveal Leads to a Familiar New Suspect

Shoot The Messenger's latest twist changed everything we thought we knew about Khaalid Suleman's murder.

Monday's episode begins after Khaalif and other gang members are arrested during a police raid before more tragedy strikes the city.

Daisy (Elyse Levesque) arrives at The Gazette offices, where the staff is talking about the gang arrests and how they're related to Khaalid's death. Elsewhere, Daisy's source Hassan Ali (Araya Mengesha) continues to stay with the Imam for protection, but the Imam tells him he has to find another place to stay after the gang raids.

Later, Simon and Daisy go to editor Mary Foster (Alex Kingston) about the explicit photo of the basketball player with Judge Susan Reeves (Benda Bazinet) they found while investigating Hassan's disappearance. Daisy believes Hassan could be a target if he had come across the photo and was trying to blackmail them.

At the courthouse, Judge Reeves and Phil Hardcastle (Maurice Dean Whint) discuss how the gang raid was the police department's way of gaining popularity in the midst of a probe spearheaded by the Judge and politician Sam Charles (Ari Cohen). The investigation of the police department begins with Sam and Daisy's sister Chloe (Hannah Emily Anderson) helping out.

Simon and Daisy interview the basketball player and show him the explicit photo, but he walks away without answering any questions. But his anger proves the photo is real. Simon begins to suspect the Judge might have had something to do with Khaalid's shooting. He suggests Daisy talk to her sister to see if she knows something about the Judge.

Detective Kevin Lutz (Lyric Bent) arrives at the commission offices to speak with the Judge. He asks about the Eric Lawson (Al Sapienza) arrest warrant, Susan claims she can't sign the warrant because it can be seen as a vendetta against the businessman.

Daisy arrives at the offices to talk to Chloe and apologizes for drinking at her house despite her addiction. She then asks her about Susan and Chloe agrees to help. They are interrupted by Sam, Chloe's boss and lover, and agrees to be interviewed soon.

Hassan leaves the mosque as police follow him, viewers can see a mysterious figure texting that since the cops are keeping an eye on him, they can't get close. Elsewhere, Susan calls Eric but she hesitates and hangs up without saying a word.

Simon visits Susan's husband and asks him about the explicit photo. The man appears shocked that Simon has the photo, and kicks him out as Simon asks him if he took it and posted it online. The reporters go to Mary, suspecting that Susan's husband, a rifle enthusiast, could have been the person who killed Khaalid and tried to kill Hassan. Mary tells them to leave the information with her, she'll take care of it while they keep digging.

Meanwhile, Mary confronts Susan about the photo. Mary asks if anyone tried to blackmail her over it, which Susan denies. She insists that neither she nor her husband were responsible for Khaalid's death. She confesses that she only partook in the photo to make her husband happy, but she later came to enjoy stepping out of her real life.

At home, Susan fights with her husband about the photo. He begs for her forgiveness as she screams in frustration.

At the mosque, Hassan packs up his things and texts Xannan (Shadia Ali) to say he's leaving town. He takes Khaalid's phone from its hiding place and leaves as the police tail him. Knowing, the police is following him, Hassan puts on a disguise and walks away.


Daisy gets a call from Hassan, who tells her she can see the video that got his girlfriend and Khaalid killed if they meet up that night. Simon and Daisy head to the meeting spot. The episode ends with Daisy watching the video, showing Khaalid hooking up with Sam Charles.

Shoot The Messenger airs Fridays at midnight ET/11 p.m. CT on WGN America.