Shark Week 2019: Twitter Is Already Chomping at the Bit

Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week may be more than a week away, but Twitter is already [...]

Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week may be more than a week away, but Twitter is already chomping at the bit for this year's scheduled programming. As viewers await to be plunged into the depths of the sea only to come face-to-face with the toothy beasts that lurk beneath the waves, social media is already biting into the buzz.

"my life may be spiraling but at least i have shark week to look forward to in less than two weeks," one person wrote.

Airing July 28 to Aug. 4, the 2019 slate will see the network venturing into uncharted waters for its shark-centric programming, debuting 18 new specials as well as the first original film on the network. The daily programming will be accompanied by nightly installments of the wrap-up talk show Shark After Dark, which will be hosted by Rob Riggle.

Many fans of the annual event have been counting down the days since Shark Week 2018.

"now that the 4th of july is over we can celebrate the TRUE national holiday—Shark Week," one person cheered the upcoming event.

Along with celebrity appearances, the 31st edition of Shark Week will also feature the Josh Duhamel-starring scripted, feature-length film Capsized: Blood In The Water, Discovery's first ever original film. The movie tells the true story of a 1982 shark encounter in Florida where a yacht capsizes following a storm and sets its crew adrift in the Atlantic to be stalked by a pack of tiger sharks.

This years programming will kick off Expedition Unknown: Megalodon, which will explore the mythology surrounding the 60-ton mega-shark that "ruled the world's oceans for nearly 20 million years."

Shark Week 2019 will conclude with the original shows with Sharks Gone Wild 2 and Shark Week Immersion with the team from Rooster Teeth.

Shark Week kicks off Sunday, July 28 and continues through Sunday, Aug. 4, only on Discovery. You can see the full list of this year's programming by clicking here.