'Shameless' Fans Are Emotional After What Lip Said to Ian Before His Prison Sentence

Shameless fans were left in shambles after Ian Gallagher's last scenes with his siblings, [...]

Shameless fans were left in shambles after Ian Gallagher's last scenes with his siblings, particularly during his final exchange with Lip, the brother he was closest to.

"Face It, You're Gorgeous" was the last episode for Cameron Monaghan, who previously announced plans to leave the series earlier this month. He was written off the show with Ian going to prison for two years.

Most of the Gallaghers were by his side to send him off, although Fiona (Emmy Rossum) was nowhere to be found. The Gay Jesus team also did not come. The group gave Ian a big hug, before a very emotional moment with Lip (Jeremy Allen White).

"Thanks for being my brother," Ian told Lip.

"I never had a choice," Lip replied, as Ian began tearing up. The two hugged before Ian walked away.

Ian then went into the prison, where he was surprised to meet his new cellmate: Mickey (Noel Fisher). It was the first time the two had seen each other since season seven.

"I got bottom, so you're on top," Mickey told Ian. Ian jumped on top of Mickey and the two kissed just before the episode ended.

While fans were in tears after Mickey's appearance, the moment between Ian and Lip was an emotional one for long-time viewers as well. Many felt it was a suitable ending for their relationship.

"I haven't stopped ugly crying... I can't believe Ian is really gone from #Shameless⁠. You can tell the emotion between the actors that play Ian and Lip was real," one fan wrote.

"Sobbed like a b– when Ian and Lip said goodbye and then proceeded to cry even worse when Ian and Mickey got reunited. Sad Ian's gone but at least I can make peace with how he went out," added another.

"Oh my gosh! I was just crying when he gave Lip a hug! I can't believe Mickey is there," another viewer wrote.

"I'm gonna miss these ian and lip moments so much," one viewer wrote.

Monaghan announced he was leaving Shameless on Oct. 8 in a long Instagram post. At the end, he thanked the show's fans for their support.

"This role has been a joy to inhabit, a wild and special ride, and I'd like to thank #Shameless as well as you, the viewers, for being there with him," the actor, who also stars on Fox's Gotham, wrote. "Goodbye, Ian Clayton Gallagher. We'll meet again?"

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