'Shameless': Emma Kenney Speaks out About Emmy Rossum's Exit

Emma Kenney is opening up about her co-star Emmy Rossum's departure from their Showtime series, Shameless.

Kenney, who appears as Debbie Gallagher on the show, seems to be focusing more on the great things Rossum has done for the show than mourning the departure. She repeatedly expressed her gratitude for everything Rossum had done for the cast and the show itself.

"You know, we're all really close so we all are kind of in the same loop … We've had nine amazing seasons with Emmy helping guide the ship and I'm so grateful for that," Kenney told Us Weekly on Friday. "She's been such a rock and such a focal point of our show, and I think she's brought in so much confidence and given so many people a voice on our set, and I'm really grateful for that."

The 18-year-old actress, who also appears on The Conners, wished Rossum nothing but the best in her future endeavors.

"I think that Emmy's a powerful woman and she's going to continue doing amazing things in her career and life," Kenney said. "We support her!"

As for how the the on-screen loss of Rossum's character, Fiona Gallagher, will effect Shameless, Kenney is also hoping for the best. While it will be a challenge for the Gallagher family to go forward without Fiona supporting them, she hopes they will "thrive."

"The Gallaghers have always had people leave in their life ,and I think that they're gonna continue thriving in their own Gallagher kind of way," Kenney said.

Rossum herself expressed her hope for the show to continue in a positive direction even after she is gone.

"There is much more Gallagher story to be told," Rossum wrote in her exit announcement. "I will always be rooting for my family. Try not to think of me as gone, just think of me as moving down the block."

Shameless airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.


Photo Credit: Showtime / Paul Sarkis