See Freeform Trailer for New Spinoff 'Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists'

The first trailer for Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists has officially arrived.The spinoff [...]

The first trailer for Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists has officially arrived.

The spinoff of the beloved Freeform teen drama debuted its official trailer at the ABC/Freeform Upfront presentation, and it is now viewable above.

The show, which will debut in 2019, sees Sasha Pieterse reprising her PLL role of Alison DiLaurentis. She is off to the town of Beacon Heights to become a faculty member at a local college.

Pieterse will be joined by another PLL alum, Janel Parrish, on the series. Parrish will be reprising her role of Mona Vanderwaal and will be Alison's main friend in Beacon Heights.

The trailer shows Alison riding solo into Beacon Heights, and later luring around her home in fear. She gets a shock when Mona pops out with a cake to celebrate Alison's big move.

After Alison moves to town, a murder soon occurs that sweeps up the town's residents into a nefarious mystery. He presumably see inklings of this incident at the tail end of the trailer, with Alison walking through a crowd near a crime scene.

At the center of the mystery are "The Perfectionists," a trio of consisting of Ava (Sofia Carson), Caitlin (Sydney Park) and Dylan (Eli Brown).

Ava is described as a "a beautiful trendsetting blogger and coder, who strives to be a fashion icon." Caitlin is "smart, driven and thrives under pressure." Her mother is a Senator, and she strives to follow in her footsteps one day.

Dylan is a cello prodigy who "grew up feeling judged in his small hometown and now feels the need to be the best in all of his endeavors." He is apparently dedicated to his craft and his boyfriend, Andrew.

We do not see much development of The Perfectionists in the trailer. There are a ton of momentary glimpses of their actions at the school, but most of the dialogue and focus is on Pieterse's character.

Gossip Girl alum Kelly Rutherford will also star in the series as Claire Hotchkiss. Claire and her husband founded Beacon Heights University and Hotchkiss Industries. She apparently "believes perfection is attainable and is the person who pulls the strings behind the scenes to get what she wants."

General Hospital alum Hayley Erin has also been cast in role that has only been described as "mysterious."

The show will be based on the book series The Perfectionists, which is written by Sara Shepard. Shepard also authored the Pretty Little Liars book series which the series of the same name was based on.

No exact release date is set, but Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists will premiere some time in 2019.