'Saturday Night Live': Melissa McCarthy Stops by Weekend Update as Michael Che's Stepmom

Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy stopped by Saturday Night Live to make a surprise appearance on Weekend Update.

In the sketch, McCarthy interrupted Michael Che as he was trying to deliver his regular jokes. She claimed to be Che's stepmother, even wearing a pink sweater with a picture of a young Che!

During the bit, McCarthy told Che to ignore her, but she made that impossible. Each time a graphic appeared over her face, McCarthy joked about having a new face.

"Now you might not have grown in my tummy, but I love putting you around my tummy," McCarthy told Che as she rubbed her sweater. "I love this so much!"

When Rudy Giuliani's face showed up on screen, McCarthy giggled, "Oh, I have a different head," which brought the Weekend Update segment to a halt.

Che's stepmom broke into laughter with everything he said, even before he delivered a joke. He got the word "law firm" out before she laughed.

"Law firm? Firm? I always knew what you were doing in your room, but I never wanted to intrude because I respect you," McCarthy said.

After kissing Che's face, McCarthy tried to calm down and let him deliver another joke. But then the Monica Lewinsky graphic showed up and caused her to laugh again. She then told a story about how Che taught her that horseshoe crabs had a very short lifespan. McCarthy then complimented Che and Colin Jost on their "juicy buns."

"Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to the best stepmom in the world," McCarthy said, reading the cue card.

"Did you write that for me? That's wonderful," she told Che.

Fans at home loved the McCarthy cameo, which was one of the highlights of this weekend's episode.

"All I’m saying is Melissa McCarthy saved [SNL] tonight," one viewer wrote.

"Melissa McCarthy on Weekend Update was a delight," another fan wrote.

"Thank you Melissa McCarthy for making our house cry with laughter," another fan wrote.


McCarthy's cameo comes while her new film, Life of the Party, is now in theaters.

Photo credit: NBC