SAG Awards 2020: Watch Brad Pitt React to Jennifer Aniston Winning for Best Supporting Actress

Brad Pitt continues to shine at the 2020 SAG Awards. After delivering quite the memorable speech packed with a Tinder joke, Pitt was seen in another viral moment shortly afterwards. Aniston had been just announced on stage after winning for Best Actor in a Supporting Role after her role in The Morning Show. As she gave her speech, Pitt was backstage taking in the moment. A clip of him reacting to her winning took social media by storm.

He was seen watching intently as Aniston delivered her speech and giving out a laugh as she gasped in amazement at the honor. Pitt had previously won for Best Supporting Actor in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

The scene won over many at-home viewers and it also sparked up plenty of conversation on Twitter about the two and their previous marriage, a relationship that saw them split in 2005.

One user wrote on Twitter, "Why do I want Jennifer Anistonand Brad Pitt to get back together? Is that weird?"

Pitt actually spoke about her when the two ran into each other at the Golden Globes earlier in January. "I'll run into Jen, she's a good friend," he said.

The two tied the knot in 200 before officially divorcing in 2005, but rumors have begun circulation that sparks may be flying again. US Magazine revealed that a source explained to them that the two have been "flirtatious" recently.

"Brad and Jen have a wonderful connection that might seem flirtatious at times," the source said. "They dig each other's sense of humor and have an infectious enery when they're together, but they insist things are purely platonic and nothing more than that."


Earlier in the evening, Pitt took home his second SAG award and delivered a speech filled with jokes. It's been a strong start to the award season for Pitt as he previously won in the same category at the Golden Globes earlier in the month and has a chance to continue to add on as the Academy Awards and BAFTA approach in February.