'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' Fan Points out 'Murder' in Classic Film and Fans Are Mindblown

The classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer stop motion animated special is a beloved holiday favorite, but after one fan recently pointed out a surprising case of "murder" in the vintage film, other fans are finding themselves mindblown. Taking to Twitter during a recent airing of the movie, a user named @AshleyHyoutube made reference to the scene by writing, "Now that this is trending I would like you all to remember the murder that happened in this show. The bird clearly said he couldn't fly and that elf threw him off the sleigh without an umbrella. RIP Bird."

Many fans have been commenting on the often overlooked moment in the film, with one saying, "Booooo hisssss to murdering the bird!"

"They tossed every 'misfit' right the f— overboard, into the 'storm of the century' no less. smdh," another person said.

"Omg yes!! I mention this everytime! Lol ty so much for making me laugh tonight!!" someone else exclaimed.

"Poor bird," one other viewer said, while a final user hoped, "Maybe he could glide."

Elsewhere on Twitter, many fans of the classic film overlooked the possible homicide implications, and opted to share photos oft themselves watching the movie and commented on what it meant to them.

"In all seriousness, I love watching this. Dad passed away in August, and this reminds me of him. He loved watching this with us when we were kids. There's magic in memories," one person said.

"I know it's supposedly a "bully show" now, but I am going to watch a shunned reindeer overcome adversity and help Santa save Christmas in #RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer," someone else said, referring to the fact that many have criticized the film for what is perceived as bullying by Santa and other characters.


"Yukon Cornelius is a nice guy -- until he starts whipping his dogs and sadistically torturing the abominable snowman by trying to drown him, pulling out all his teeth, throwing him over a ledge, and dragging him in chains back to Santa's sweatshop," another user wrote.

"Been watching #RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer since I was a kid, and this year I'm watching it with my dad, who is 89... Best year watching, ever," one final watcher added.