'Roseanne' Star Lecy Goranson Reflects on Watching Show 'Crumble'

Roseanne star Lecy Goranson recently reflected on watching the show 'crumble' after Roseanne [...]

Roseanne star Lecy Goranson recently reflected on watching the show "crumble" after Roseanne Barr's racist tweet controversy.

E! News reports that Goranson — who now plays her Roseanne character Becky Conner on the spinoff series The Conners — spoke candidly with the outlet about where she was and how she was feeling when she found out.

"I was in my apartment, and usually I have my little ritual where I'll get up, get a coffee and turn on some jazz and sit at my computer. I remember sitting at my computer and just seeing the media around it and just feeling paralyzed. I felt paralysis," she said of seeing the news that Barr had tweeted a racial insult about former Obama Administration adviser Valerie Jarrett. "And then I managed to pick up the phone and text [Sara Gilbert], 'We're screwed.'"

"I just felt like I couldn't see any way around what that was and I was also just saddened and just shocked. I was shocked. And then I just kind of remember the next two or three hours just walking around," Goranson added, saying that with all the people reaching out to her at the time, all she could think was, "This is going to crumble."

The actress went on to say that it was "surreal and shocking and sad" to see the show shrouded in a controversy that ended up causing its cancellation.

"Whatever you want to call it, it is racist, that being said I don't think Roseanne is a racist, I think that is racist…I still don't quite understand what she was trying to say. I don't understand what the logic is," she stated. "No one's explained to me what it was supposed to mean, and I felt so confused by that. I really did."

The Conners season premiere revealed that Barr's character — Roseanne Conner — had died of an accidental opioid overdose. Goranson previously spoke about the death and defended the move by producers of the spinoff series.

"We really miss Roseanne and love her very much, you know and her spirit is still very much with us, so we understand that she's hurting right now and she's in pain and she's always with us," Goranson said. "Hopefully, we can see her and kind of remedy some of this at some point in time, I hope."

The Conners airs Tuesday nights on ABC, and is also available to stream on Hulu.