'Roseanne' Season Finale Throws Shade at Donald Trump Tweets

Roseanne may be steering away from politics in upcoming episodes, but the season finale threw one last bit of shade at President Donald Trump's Twitter habits.

During Tuesday's season finale, Roseanne (Barr) and Dan (John Goodman) struggle to come up with the money for her knee surgery. In an attempt to get more jobs by charging less money, Dan even thinks about hiring undocumented workers over his friend Chuck (James Pickens Jr.) and his crew for his next construction job.

Things get more complicated when a storm hits Lanford and the Conner family's basement is flooded, causing serious damage that will cost even more money they don't have to repair.

As the family looks through memories, and enjoy a failed magic show by DJ (Michael Fishman), Darlene (Sara Gilbert) announces some news that shock the family. The President will be holding a press conference after the governor asked to declare a state of emergency.

"Oh wow, half the state is underwater," Roseanne says. "They took all these senior citizens from one of these old folks homes and put them on the roof of the building."

"That's great news," Dan says.

"But it's also kinda said... in a way," Jackie says, saying what everyone is thinking.

"No, it's terribly sad," Dan clarifies. "But if they declare a state of emergency, FEMA will give us some money to repair the basement. I can do the work for half of what they give us and use the rest for Rose's surgery."

Upon the realization, the family starts to cheer loudly for the state of emergency. Once it becomes official, the family continues to cheer; but Darlene interjects.

"Oh, whoa whoa. The President spelled Illinois wrong in his tweet, but it still counts right?" Darlene says as the family continues to cheer.

ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey made headlines ahead of the network's upfront presentation when she said Roseanne would turn its focus toward family and less on politics, but before that the series threw some jabs at Fox News, after the premiere episode put the political debate in the spotlight.

According to a report by Deadline, the network executive admitted that the season premiere "did touch on some [politics] in the first episode in a very funny way," but it didn't stray from a characteristic conversation between Roseanne Conner and her sister Jackie (Laurie Metcalf).

"That said, having touched on that in the first episode of the season," Dungey said that seaon 2 — or 11, depending on how you count — will focus more on "family trials and tribulations."


"We at ABC have not had as much success with [multi-cam comedies] traditionally as competitors," Dungey said. "Roseanne changed the game in that respect."

Roseanne will return for season 11 in fall 2018 on ABC.