Twitter Praises 'Roseanne' for Standing up for Her 'Fashionable' Grandson

Roseanne's second new episode dealt head-on with the gender curiosity of Darlene's son.

As Mark (Ames McNamara) decides to go to school on his first day wearing colorful clothes, Dan (John Goodman) and Roseanne (Barr) take issue.

The grandparents are not concerned about Mark's need to express himself through his clothes, but worry that their grandson will get bullied for being different.

In a heartwarming conversation, Roseanne asks her grandson if he identifies as a girl or a boy.

"A boy," Mark says to his grandma.

"Well, you answered that pretty quick," Roseanne says. "I thought it was gonna be more complicated ... so what's up with the girl's clothes?"

"This just feels like me. I like colors that pop. It's more creative," Mark says.

Roseanne says she understands, and even though his choices might mean trouble at times, she promises to always be there to support him.

Roseanne then takes Mark to school for his first day, and as he sits down in his chair, a little girl calls him a freak, which Roseanne does not take kindly.

She asks the teacher if she can address the class and snaps her fingers to get their attention.

"I'm Mrs. Conner and this is my grandson Mark and he's just starting school here today, which is very cool because all my other kids went here and they continue to live crime-free lives," she says.

"I think you kids are really going to like Mark, cause he is a lot of fun and very fashionable. Sometimes he wants to wear a dress or a real fancy top, I think he's going to grow up and be a fashion designer. A really famous one like TJ Maxx or that Ross guy. So I'm counting on you guys to make the new kid feel welcome ...

"And if you don't, I have way of finding out about it," she says as she stares down the little girl. "I'm a white witch."


Fans were quick to praise Grandma Roseanne for standing up for Mark.

Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.