'Roseanne' Fans Can't Stop Laughing as She Chats With Both Beckys

Roseanne Conner finally sat down with the two Beckys during the reboot's second episode, and the encounter was more than funny.

Becky (Lecy Goranson) spends the beginning of the episode trying to scrub the dirt from the Conner household, as well as telling her family to not embarrass her as she tries to land the surrogate job from Andrea (Sarah Chalke).

Later, Andrea arrives to the Conner home, meeting Roseanne (Barr) as well as Aunt Jackie (Laurie Metcalf).

"I am Lanford's leading life coach, and as such I respect the powerful process you must be going through to build your family," Jackie says, boasting her new profession.

"Thank you, my husband Richard and I are just so grateful that Rebecca is willing to go on this journey with us," Andrea says.

Andrea then reveals she brought ionized water for the Conners, adding they are in glass bottles, therefore better for the environment.

"I hate plastic waters, I mean you might as well suck the mercury off a thermometer," Andrea says.

"Oh, I love plastic bottles. Cause when you're done with them, you just gather them up and throw them in the lake," Roseanne quips, clearly taking a stand against Andrea's liberal ways.

The ladies then sit down in the living room, as Andrea asks the family questions about their history, the funniest being about mental health.

"And don't get embarrassed, I mean, I get anxiety on international flights," Andrea admits.

"No mental illness!" Becky responds.

"Wellllll ..." Jackie interjects. "Your mother was never formally diagnosed but I'd say she's stark, raving.."

"I'll tell ya what runs in our family," Becky interrupts. "A sense of humor."

Roseanne, who is sternly against Becky being a surrogate, attempts to intimidate Andrea by asking if she'll be there when Becky sleeps with her husband.

Fans of the sitcom were hysterical during the scene, laughing about Roseanne's reactions to Andrea's questions.


The episode, titled "Dress to Impress," also saw Roseanne spending some time with her grandson Mark (Ames McNamara), including a trip to school, where we can see Grandma addressing the entire class along with her grandson.

Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.