'Roseanne' Blasts 'Politically Correct' Parenting Rules

Roseanne is taking on the subject of raising children as only it would, with jokes about abuse.

During Tuesday's all new episode, Roseanne (Barr) feels frustrated with her grandchildren's sloppy behaviors, leaving clothes on the bathroom floor and dirty plates and cups outside of their rooms.

Roseanne encourages Darlene (Sara Gilbert) to reprimand her kids.

"I don't want to be the disciplinarian, I want to be the fun grandma that gives them too much sugar, or takes them gambling and stuff," Roseanne says.

Darlene reveals Harris is all over the place after she started selling thrift-store clothes online for extra cash. The new business leads to Harris overusing the washer and dryer with her products, keeping the rest of the family from doing their laundry.

Roseanne tells Darlene she has to talk to her daughter about respecting the house and her family, before she takes on the issue on her own.

"... she needs to respect her elders, or I'll make sure she never becomes one," Roseanne says.

Darlene tells her parents to cut her kids some slack and stop commenting on her parenting skills.

"Kids don't need slack, they need boundaries," Roseanne says. "The happiest kids are raised in cages, and it keeps the meat tender."

The topic is brought up again during family dinner as Roseanne is shocked to hear Harris call her mother by her first name and not wanting to introduce Darlene to her friends.

"Oh, so she pushed you around a little, but you gave her $5 so that'll show her," Roseanne says, criticizing Darlene.

"Here's why you can't trust your kids, cause they are stupid, that's why we don't give them cars or booze," Roseanne continues.

"Well, people parent differently than they did in your day, turns out a lot of what you did did not work and some of it was against the law!" Darlene responds.

"Yeah, it's against the law because your generation made everything so PC (politically correct)," Roseanne says. "Instead of spanking them, you tell them to go over there and think about what they did wrong. You know what they're thinking? 'I can't believe this loser isn't spanking me.'"

Later in the episode, Roseanne and Harris get into a screaming match with Roseanne calling her a b—, Harris calling her grandmother a hillbilly and Roseanne luring her into the sink and holding her granddaughter's head under the water.


The altercation leads to Darlene finally talking to Harris about her behavior, and Roseanne and Dan agree there is no right way to parent. The three adults then use Harris' social media passwords to spy on her accounts together.

Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.