Roseanne Barr Responds to ABC Chief's Remark About 'Roseanne' Season 2

Roseanne Barr is addressing ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey's comment stating how the revival series, Roseanne, will shift focus away from politics.

Barr, series star of ABC's revival, is sounding off on the topic of whether or not the series has focused too much on politics after the ABC President claimed next season, slotted to return in the fall, will move away from politics and focus on family.

"ABC has been nothing but supportive to me and my show and all of our ideas. The press has misrepresented what ABC President said about our new season," Barr wrote on Twitter.

Her words are a direct response to media reports of Dungey's addressing of reviews and concerns that the revival series has been too political.

"The show certainly did touch on some of that in the first episode in a very funny way, to look at the different political views between Roseanne and Jackie," she said. "That said, having touched on it in the first episode of the season, I think when you look on subsequent episodes of the run, the focus is not really on politics and much more on family and the everyday trials and tribulations that the family faces that still bring them together."

Dungey went on to add "I think they'll continue on the path they're on toward the latter part of this season, which is away from politics and more focused on family."

The series, which has pulled in record ratings and earned ABC the distinction of hosting TV season's No. 1 show, a title that the network has not enjoyed in 18 years, has been on the receiving end of backlash on several occasions for its vocal political views.

The comedy caught some controversy after its April 3 episode showed Roseanne and Dan waking up after falling asleep on the couch to make a joke about black and Asian families that some thought distateful.

Dungey, however, defended such jokes.

"I was a little surprised, to be honest, by the reaction to that line," Dungey said. "We felt writers were looking to tip a hat to those shows. It certainly wasn't meant to offend. I do stand by the Roseanne writers. I think they were expressing the point of view of the Connors, and what they would have actually said. We do similar things on our other shows. We're very clear on black-ish about how many opinions are voiced by Dre Johnson."


Roseanne will return to ABC with 13 new episodes next year.