Roseanne Barr Reveals New Show 'News for Jews' Ahead of 'The Conners' Premiere

Roseanne Barr debuted her new online talk show, News for Jews, just a few days ahead of the [...]

Roseanne Barr debuted her new online talk show, News for Jews, just a few days ahead of the premiere of The Conners.

Barr has promised that she would be back in the entertainment world in one way or another ever since she got Roseanne cancelled back in the spring. She has also made a point of leaning heavily on her faith in a very public way. On Saturday, these two factors came together when Barr posted a new video on YouTube called, "News For Jews episode 1."

The video is well over an hour long. It mostly focuses on Barr herself sitting in a corner piled with pillows. She wears a read hat reading "Trump 2020 Vision," and a striped red shirt. Almost immediately, she begins explaining her thoughts and feelings on Judaism, reading from notes just out of frame. Her demeanor is a little subdued at first, though right at the end of her introduction, she gives one of her signature sardonic expressions.

The video then cuts to Barr leaning up in the corner without her hat, holding an old corded phone to her ear. She calls up her friend, Rabbi Schmuley, who has interviewed Barr and written about her extensively in the time since she was fired. The two of them launch right into a discussion about the Book of Noah, viewed through the lens of modern life and current events.

The conversation takes a wide scope, examining a historical context as well as a religious one, and also applying the lessons of Noah to modern life. A few minutes in, Barr reaches out and grabs her "Trump 2020" hat, putting it back on. She then lights a cigarette. She sits cross-legged on the cushions and leans against the wall, and the camera never wavers from its fixed position. The show functions as much as a podcast as anything else.

About an hour in, Barr pulls her laptop up to reference some writing in their conversation. When she cannot make it bigger and more readable, her son jumps in to help her make the font bigger.

In the end, Barr and Schmuley say their farewells and the show ends there. At the time of this writing, the video has only about 6,000 views, with nearly 1,000 thumbs up and 45 thumbs down. Barr did not promote the show on Twitter until Monday, when she asked fans to subscribe to her YouTube channel. Even then, she did not call out News for Jews specifically.