'Rick and Morty' Season 4 Trailer Released

The first look at Rick and Morty Season 4 is here, and it is everything fans have been hoping for. Rick and Morty is notorious for keeping fans waiting. After over a year since the last new episode, the trailer for Season 4 has finally arrived. It shows the interdimensional heroes on all new adventures, ranging from apocalyptic scenarios to family politics, and everything in between.

Many fans are hoping for more sneak peeks and surprises ahead of the season premiere. They have reason to hope — Rick and Morty has always been a show that enjoyed stunts. Last season, the show was scheduled for a season premiere in July. However, without warning, Adult Swim aired the first episode on a loop for several hours on April Fool's Day.

If anything like that is coming up this time around, we probably will not get any warning. Rick and Morty may be one of the biggest franchises in pop culture right now, but it is still a small production from an independent studio aired on a relatively small network. Therefore, it has the flexibility and freedom to plan surprise releases and keep fans on their toes.

Rick and Morty has a lot of questions to answer in Season 4. For one thing, Season 3 ended by re-structuring the entire dynamic of Smith and Sanchez household. After Beth (Sarah Chalke) and Jerry's (Chris Parnell) season-long separation, they are all back under one roof, and Rick's emotional manipulation is at an end.

This puts the drunken scientist at something of a disadvantage going forward, just as Beth warned at the end of Season 3. Now, he and Morty have to sneak around a bit more to get their adventuring done, keeping things more conventional for the growing teen.


Meanwhile, there is the question of Evil Morty. While the show seems to prefer its stand-alone stories and self-contained plots, Season 3 included one big development on the continuity front. We know that Evil Morty — who first appeared in Season 1 — has control of the interdimensional Citadel of Ricks. What exactly he is planning, and whether it will ever feature on the show, remains unclear.

Whatever comes of Season 4, it is just the beginning. Rick and Morty received a staggering 70-episode order from Adult Swim, meaning that there are many more antics to come.