Pete Davidson Can't Stop Laughing During Weekend Update Segment on Staten Island Ferry Purchase

Pete Davidson joined Alex Moffat for his "Guy Who Just Bought a Boat" sketch on Saturday Night Live this weekend, but he could hardly hold it together. Davidson played "A Guy Who Just Bought a Ferry," as he and Jost really did recently purchase a Staten Island Ferry. As the jokes about his hometown piled up, Davidson could barely hold it together.

While Moffat's "Guy Who Just Bought a Boat" character typically wears high-end leisure clothing and exudes wealthy arrogance, Davidson rolled out to the desk in more blue-collar attire. He wore a canvas jacket and a beanie with a cigarette tucked into the brim, and was even drinking beer out of a can with the brown back still wrapped around it. He and Jost spoke about real boat topics, Moffat continued to turn everything they said into sexual innuendo. By the end, Davidson was gasping out his lines between laughs.

"We bought a ferry – the windowless van of the sea!" Davidson said. He later added: "We're boat people now, Colin. I mean, you always were. You look like you own the yacht they rent out for rap videos." Moffat began to give them advice, but Davidson pointed out that a lot of it didn't apply to them because "our boat is 300 feet long."

"Ew," Moffat responded. "Look, it's the width that counts. Mine's like a tuna can." At this point, Moffat had to pause while both Davidson and the audience laughed uproariously. However, a few puns later, he got his last line out in a squeaky voice.

Davidson and Jost really did purchase a decommissioned Staten Island ferry, The New York Post reported this weekend. They pooled their money with comedy club owner Paul Italia to get the vessel. According to Jost, they don't plan to move the boat anywhere, but to find a dock and leave it there.


The comedians reportedly intend to turn the boat into a nightclub eventually. It is named after former President John F. Kennedy, and it is not clear how much renovating it really needs. Since both Jost and Davidson are from Staten Island, we can assume there was some sentimentality behind the purchase.

SNL will be back this weekend with another new episode hosted by Willem Dafoe. It airs on Saturday night at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.