Patrick Dempsey Could Return for More 'Grey's Anatomy' If He Gets His Way

Grey's Anatomy fans might get another coveted Mcdreamy cameo if Patrick Dempsey gets the final [...]

Grey's Anatomy fans might get another coveted Mcdreamy cameo if Patrick Dempsey gets the final say. In last week's episode, viewers were finally able to witness Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Dempsey)finally tie the knot in a traditional wedding on the beach. Though it was all in her unconscious dream, the actor reveals he thought the scene was a "beautiful way to close it," even if it means he won't be making any more returns to the show.

"The intention was to really give people some hope because they are such an iconic couple. We've lost so many people this year, the thought that we'd have angels hovering around us taking care of us is a good message to send out in such a bleak world that we're living in. So for all of us, it was a beautiful ending to this story. I'm so grateful that I did it and happy that the fans really loved it," he told Variety.

He's not taking the idea off the table, however. The recent season proves anything is possible in the Grey's universe. Other cameos included Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), and George O'Malley (T.R. Knight). "Who knows? Never say never with this show, right? I'm glad we did it this year. And Krista Vernoff did a fantastic job telling the story. It was just a great way to give people some hope," he said.

Dempsey also talked about the final scene, saying that it was an emotional experience that had him as well as his castmates in tears before even filming the moment. "We all cried at the beginning and we hugged each other. It was really for us to get the message out there to wear a mask, take care of yourself," he said. "Ellen and I were like, 'What can we do together to make some impact here?' That was in the spring around this time last year. It just was a positive action that reverberates into more positive action," he added. Before the season started, it was rumored that the show would end after the finale. But there's no word yet as to its renewal status.