'Office' Alum Ed Helms Speaks out on Possible Reunion With Cast

Office alum Ed Helms commented on the possibility of a series reunion with the rest of the original cast, but fans may not be thrilled about what he had to say. During an appearance on the Today show's third hour, Helms was discussing his newest show, Rutherford Falls. The new series was created by Mike Schur, who was a writer and producer of The Office.

After being asked about the chances of the cast getting back together, Helms replied, "I think, unfortunately, that Mike Schur and I, having a little mini-reunion on this show is maybe the extent of The Office reunion." Helms went on to say, "I am not aware of anything in the works." Al Roker then asked the actor would "be open to" doing an Office reunion sometime in the future. "Guys, of course!" Helms enthusiastically replied. "I mean — this is the thing, the cast of The Office love that show as much as the fans."

Recently, Helms' fellow Office stars Oscar Nunez and Andy Buckley — who played Oscar Martinez and David Wallace, respectively — spoke with PopCulture about the series and the long-lasting impact it has had on culture. "It's crazy a little, you know? 11-year-olds and 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds, they keep discovering the show, because it's that kind of show that's a stepping stone from when you're a little kid to going into high school," Nunez said, sharing how he often meets young fans who've been introduced to The Office recently and most commonly by family members. Nunez added that those first-timer watchers often "become fans right away."

Buckley quipped that being on the show has given him "street cred" with friends of his teenage kids. He also called working on The Office a real "treat" and added that it is "magnificent" to see young fans enjoying it so much. "It's really fun to watch," he said, then sharing that before the coronavirus pandemic he would sometimes watch an episode or two with his kids and their friends and would be in awe of how well the show holds up.

Buckley added, "I'm just the luckiest guy on the planet to get to be a part of it." The Office was previously streaming on Netflix, but, as of 2021, it has moved. Fans can now stream the entire series on Peacock, the NBCUniversal-exclusive streaming service.