'NCIS' Fans Worry McGee Will Exit Series During Latest Episode

NCIS fan-favorite character Timothy McGee's latest storyline had fans worried on social media.

The latest episode of the CBS criminal drama — the first of a two-episode special titled "Judge, Jury..." — saw the team getting into high gear after solving a years-old cold case.

While the squad worked to prevent a legal loophole from keeping the suspect out of prison, McGee took a trip out of state, seemingly being wooed for a new job.

The beginning of "Judge, Jury..." saw the team prepare to give testimony in court related to the 1989 death of a teenage boy from a poisonous ice cream bar, as McGee (Sean Murray) takes a meeting with the tech company that is attempting to offer him a new job.

"Information request liaison," McGee says, revealing the work he would possibly be doing on the new job. "Before I make my final decision I wanted to spend a couple days and see what this place is about."

Fans were not pleased when they saw the agent's interest in the new job, fearing that yet another longtime series regular might be exiting the CBS series ahead of Season 17.

"McGee on a job interview? Especially after he said NCIS is where he wanted to be?," one user asked, adding the hashtag, #fishy.

"McGee is not allowed to leave," another fan protested.

"My suspicions are aroused - I think McGee is there because he is investigating something on the sly (that data request they were talking about)," another fan suspected.

Later, Vance (Rocky Caroll) reveals McGee's trip is connected to a secret investigation into a government coverup. Splendifida's records of Pentagon deals are key to solving the mysterious investigation.

"McGee coming through for the team!! There was no way he was leaving," one user wrote.

"McGee the spy for NCIS makes so much more sense than McGee the job seeker," another user wrote.

McGee's secret mission takes a turn after he is caught trying to steal the information he is looking for by the HR rep and security, after he failed to log out of the computer.


The agent insists he never stole anything and should not be held for his actions, but he is freed after Gibbs makes a call. The HR rep leaves it very clear that the company is no longer looking to hire him anymore, obviously.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.