Natalie Portman Brings Back Rap Sketch on 'Saturday Night Live' with Andy Samberg

Back in 2006 Natalie Portman did a SNL digital short with Andy Samberg and the rest of The Lonley Island crew where she gave an incredibly explicit and hilarious rap, going against her "good girl" Hollywood image.

On this week's Saturday Night Live, she brought the song and Samberg back for a special sequel sketch.

This time around her rap brought up current trends like the tide pod challenge and the "Time's Up" movement. The rap even managed to start and end the same way as the first one, with Portman starting out her usual self during a sit-down interview, then turn into her rap persona, only to then finish the video by attacking whoever was interviewing her (this time it was Beck Bennett, whom she smacked in the face with a Time's Up pin) and saying "No more questions" to the camera.

Portman even wound up defending her run in the Star Wars prequel trilogy from the early 2000's, dressing up as Padme while pointing a gun at a critic demanding he say something nice about both her and Jar Jar Binks.

Fans watching at home loved seeing the rap return.

"Natalie Portman rap 2?!? My prayers have been answered" @MaraschinoTeri tweeted.

"Natalie Portman rapping sounds better than a LOT of the rap out there today," Twitter user @joelygabs pointed out.


"That Natalie Portman rap sequel was everything I could have ever wanted," @matthewwhaynee wrote.

Photo: Twitter/@HeadlinePlanet