Watch 'Nashville' Sneak Peek, Scarlett and Gunnar Held at Gunpoint

Nashville's drama continues.

In a sneak peek obtained by Us Weekly for Thursday night's episode of the CMT show, Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar (Sam Palladio) find themselves in a very dangerous situation. While leaving the grocery story, the two start arguing over the baby.

Gunnar tries to get Scarlett to tell him why she was crying earlier, but she didn't want to talk about it.

"How long are we going to put it off, Scarlett? Forever? When it's staring us right in the face," Gunnar says. "You don't want this. You've been dancing around, saying every possible thing except the truth. You don't want to have this baby with me. You don't want me. Period."

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Earlier in season 5, it was revealed that Gunnar was not the father of Scarlett's baby. She had hooked up with both her ex and music video director George around the same time. Despite the answers of the paternity test, Gunnar still wanted to raise the child with her.

The argument starts to get heated in the parking lot and that's when three teenagers approached the pair asking Gunnar to buy them beer.

He refuses, saying, "Maybe some other time, OK?" but the boys still pester him.

Once Gunnar tells them to leave, one teen pulls a gun out of his pocket.

"Oh, god. No. Please," Clare exclaims as the situation intensifies.

Nashville airs on CMT Thursdays at 8 p.m. CT.


Photo Credit: Twitter / @usweekly


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