Why 'Nancy Drew' Season 4 Is Safe as Writers Strike Begins

As the WGA strike continues, more and more shows are facing production halts, but one that won't is The CW's Nancy Drew. While its final season won't be premiering until later this month, the series actually wrapped filming late last year. Kennedy McMann, who portrays the titular young investigator, updated fans in a bittersweet post last December. It's hard to believe that then it was so far away, but now it's in just a few weeks.

Since Nancy Drew completed filming so long ago, fans shouldn't have to worry about these final episodes getting delayed. It's already been over a year since Season 3 had its finale, which was way back in January 2022, so it has definitely been a long time coming for the Drew Crew. Luckily it looks like the series is expected to air its final season uninterrupted, and after this long, long wait, it will surely be worth it.

Nancy Drew is one of four CW shows ending this TV season. DC's Stargirl ended in December, The Flash airs its finale later this month, and Riverdale will be unaffected by the writers' strike as well since all scripts have been completed. Both Nancy Drew and Riverdale will air their series finales in August, and aside from pre-scheduled breaks, it should be smooth sailing for both shows.

The mystery series is definitely one of the lucky ones. The writers' strike is expected to pause a lot of productions, and while it will likely create some problems for shows returning in the fall, shows that are airing through the summer will feel the brunt of it. Just like Nancy, though, The Blacklist completed filming as well, and just before the strike started. The NBC drama is set to air until July, so there shouldn't be any problems for the remainder of the season.

The fourth and final season of Nancy Drew will see Nancy and co. investigating a group of missing bodies from Horseshoe Bay's cemetery, as they all are haunted by their past. How the series will come to a close is unknown, but with the series likely taking fans on a ride through the past and present, it's going to be a final season you won't want to miss. It will also be nice to watch it knowing that there will be no delay, at least that we know of, and the only thing to worry about is how the Drew Crew wrap up their final mystery, beginning on Wednesday, May 24 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.