'Murphy Brown': First Look at Grown-Up Avery

Murphy Brown is just months away from making its return, and fans are getting their first look at [...]

Murphy Brown is just months away from making its return, and fans are getting their first look at a grown-up Avery.

When Murphy Brown returns to anchor the morning news on CBS' revival of the popular '90s sitcom of the same name, it will be with a now very grown-up son Avery following in her headline-making footsteps.

(Photo: CBS / Robert Trachtenberg)

Portrayed by Jake McDorman, Avery, now an adult and a far cry the baby who first entered the series in the '90s after Murphy had a fling with ex-husband Jake, has been heavily influenced by his mother, making a name for himself as a millennial journalist who goes head-to-head with his mom. However, some of their similarities, including competitive spirit and quick wit, sometimes lead to friction between the two.

McDorman is best known for his starring role on the CBS reboot of Limitless, which was based on the film of the same name. His credits also include starring roles in the multi-Academy Award-nominated film Lady Bird, American Sniper, in which he portrayed a NAVY Seal alongside Bradley Cooper, and a recurring role on the upcoming series What We Do in the Shadows.

McDorman is not the only newcomer to the revived series. Nik Dodani, best known for his role as Zahid in Netflix's family dramedy Atypical, along with several other roles on shows like Angie Tribeca, Idiotsitter, The Player, Kevin from Work, Selfie, and The Comeback, will be joining the series as Pat Patel, the media director for Murphy in the Morning.

The series will also see Candice Bergen reprise the titular role of Murphy Brown alongside Grant Shaud as news producer Miles Silverberg, Tyne Daly as Phil's Bar owner Phyllis, Faith Ford as lifestyle reporter Corky Sherwood, and Joe Regalbuto as investigative journalist Frank Fontana.

Originally airing for 10 seasons on CBS from 1988-1998, Murphy Brown quickly became a fan-favorite sitcom, even being referenced by Vice President Dan Quayle's speech during the 1992 presidential campaign. The series became infamous for weaving in real-life political headlines into its storyline, which featured political satire and reflections on current events.

The Murphy Brown revival series, serving as the series' eleventh season overall, began production on July 24 with a cast table read.

Murphy Brown premieres Thursday, Sept. 27 at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS.