'Modern Family' Fans React to Surprise Pregnancy Reveal

Modern Family is welcoming new life later this season, and fans were shocked by the revelation.

During Wednesday's episode, titled "Did the Chicken Cross the Road," the series shocked viewers when it was revealed that Haley (Sarah Hyland) was pregnant and cutting to black.

The news came after Haley got her lipstick stuck up her nose during a round of bumper cars with boyfriend Dylan (Reid Ewing) and had to go get it removed in the emergency room.

The reveal came as the nurse revealed that all emergency room visits start with a blood test and she broke the news to the young couple, who had just been trying to prove to Haley's family that they were mature.

"I knew Haley was going to be pregnant when she was eating a lot in the Halloween episode," one Twitter user commented. "Disappointed since I want her to be pregnant with Andy's baby not Dylan or Arvin's."

"I knew Haley would end up pregnant this season...I'm just annoyed the father is going to be Dylan," another source said.

The show left both Dylan and Haley with a shocked look on their faces as they realized what they just got themselves into. Well, at least Haley.

The aftermath of the big reveal will likely play out throughout subsequent episodes. One big question is if Dylan is the father of the baby, as he and Haley just recently got back together when she ended her relationship with Arvin.

Haley will also have to tell her big news to her big family, who will likely have a reaction to the big news.

Fans of the comedy series gave mixed reactions to the shocking reveal, many happy to have their suspicions confirmed.

"Haley being pregnant is about as surprising as who died," one user commented.

"So we all called it with Haley being pregnant but man I was really hoping I was wrong this kind of bums me out tbh really had my fingers crossed for the Andy come back. What's going on with all the good comedy shows with the bad endings?" another one user added.

"LOVED tonight's episode!! Oh, Haley...preggo???" A third user wrote.


Modern Family will take a break next week and return with new episodes Wednesday, Nov. 21 on ABC.