'Michael Jackson's Halloween' Special Coming to CBS

Over eight years after his death, Michael Jackson continues to remain an important figure in pop culture, most recently thanks to an animated Halloween special inspired by the performer. CBS has confirmed that Michael Jackson's Halloween will be broadcast on October 27 at 8:00 PM ET.

Per the official CBS announcement, “Created and produced by Optimum Productions, the Michael Jackson company now owned by his estate, Michael Jackson’s Halloween follows millennials Vincent (Lucas Till) and Victoria (Kiersey Clemons), who meet 'accidentally' on Halloween night and find themselves, along with Ichabod the dog, at a mysterious hotel located at 777 Jackson Street called This Place Hotel. Once inside, Vincent and Victoria are sent on an adventure culminating in a spectacular dance finale featuring an animated Michael Jackson.”

Christine Baranski, Alan Cumming, George Eads, Brad Garrett, Lucy Liu, Jim Parsons and also lend their voices to the special.

In addition to the animated special, a compilation album will be released on September 29 featuring the singer's "scariest" tunes.

Younger fans of Jackson might not immediately draw a connection between the singer and the scariest time of year, but the musician crafted a horror-themed short film in honor of the title track of his 1982 album Thriller. That album is the best-selling album of all time.

The video for "Thriller" was co-written and directed by John Landis of An American Werewolf in London fame.

The narrative of the video features a young couple, played by Jackson and Ola Ray, encountering a number of ghouls and supernatural creatures following a romantic evening. When Jackson becomes a zombie himself, the rest of the ghouls follow his lead, performing a synchronized dance routine.

"Thriller" remains a staple of Halloween-themed soundtracks to this day.




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