Meghan Trainor Shares Details on Her 3 New TV Shows (Exclusive)

Meghan Trainor is establishing herself as a TV star. The "All About That Bass" singer is set to star in three new TV series, including a new sitcom which is part of a major deal she signed with NBC. recently caught up with Trainor, who revealed that doing comedy is a dream of hers.

"I've always had a dream of doing TV and doing comedy and I've always been nervous to do that because it's not my first thing," Trainor said to PopCulture. "I didn't grow up and do theater and go, 'I'm going to be an actress one day.' It was always a dream, but I also wanted to be a pop star, but I didn't know if I could do it. I had my insecurities and my doubts and then I did it. And then I took that and was like, well, I could do anything. So I'm kind of running with it and it's working so far."

The comedy series is currently in development, but another project Trainor is involved in is a cooking competition show called Top Chef Family Style, a spinoff of the hit series Top Chef. The show will stream on Peacock, and Trainor will be the host.

"I'm not a good cook and I think that's what's fun about doing this show is I'm learning so much," Trainor stated. "And I told them day one, I was like, I'm a new mom and I want to be able to cook my kids food one day and I want to cook him amazing foods. So, I've already learned so much and I think it's nice because all the chefs that come in are high professional chefs. And then there's me that's like, 'This is yummy.' You know? So I think I'm there for the average viewer who doesn't know a lot about cooking. I think I'm there to make them feel a little bit better."

And with Trainor's musical background she will be one of the judges in a new competition show Clash of the Cover Bands, which will premiere on E! later this year. Trainor says she loves shows like this as she is potentially judging future stars.


"If I was 14 right now writing my songs online, I know my mom would have me in all these competitions," Trainor said. "And so it's really cool to be a part of them and to kind of look at these artists of, Ah that was me and I feel you, and it's so cool ... the opportunity these shows bring. So yeah, I'm a TV star now. Like literally, these people I'm judging could be TV stars one day. So, it's just too cool."

Trainor is keeping herself busy at 27 years old. Along with three new shows, she is a new mom and she's working on new music. But what does the future have in store for the Grammy Award winner? "I see it all," she revealed. "I see movies. I see books. I see albums. I see children. I see multiple children. I'm hoping for twins next time. Get two in one, done. So I'm seeing it all and nothing can stop me at this point. I'm thriving."