Meghan McCain Reportedly Feels Being on Set of 'The View' Is Like 'Going to War'

Things are not getting any easier for Meghan McCain on The View, according to an insider, who said that the show has become like "going to war" for her. Rumors are flying that McCain may bid the talk show farewell before the fall season begins. A source close to her spoke to Entertainment Tonight this week, further fueling those stories.

"Meghan is in a tough position. She has a completely different view from the others and she isn't willing to acquiesce," the insider said. "Joy and Whoopi aren't offended by her standing her ground, because that's part of the show. But Meghan also fights back harder than the other hosts would like."

McCain is considered the primary politically conservative voice on The View, although she was joined this season by Abby Huntsman. Still, many feel that she is too harsh in defending that territory, and often comes across as combative.

"The other hosts don't appreciate how she handles their disagreements," the source went on. "She crosses so many lines because she says exactly what's on her mind and she doesn't care which of the hosts she offends. She clearly isn't trying to make friends."

According to the source, McCain does not want to leave The View. However, the negative attention she has gotten for her talking points are adding up, and she is nearing her wits' end.

"Meghan hates the negative attention the show has brought to her lately and every day feels like she is going to war," they said. "She certainly is valued for some of her opinions. All the drama keeps the show a ratings hit so, despite her behavior, it won't likely put her job in jeopardy."

"She does not want to leave the show because she knows it is such a great platform for her," the source added. "She always acts like she wants to leave but that's just her using her muscle because she's a draw for the ratings."

A spokesperson for The View once again denied rumors that McCain was in danger of leaving, saying that the show functions exactly as it is designed to function.

"Every day each of our smart and talented co-hosts come to the table prepared to explain and passionately defend their individual takes on the Hot Topics. This is exactly what The View has always been and will continue to be," they told ET.

On one of the most recent episodes, McCain and co-host Joy Behar got into a frightening argument, even by their standards. McCain referred to herself as the show's "sacrificial Republican," before saying that the show was "not a fun job for me."


"I know you're angry. I know that you're angry that Trump is president," she added.

The View airs on weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.